A UK based direct selling and Market Research Company.

About us

Alliance Marketing Ltd (AML) is a business to business Telemarketing & Sales company, founded by a group of Energy Specialists and experienced professionals. Our mission is “To assist businesses of all sizes in reducing their energy expenses”. We run telemarketing campaigns for leading energy suppliers in the UK.

Many small to medium and even large businesses received the benefits of our expertise in cost reduction. Our process is simple, swift and effective, requiring very little on our client’s time. This is our finest attribute. There are over 30 energy suppliers in UK and regardless of which energy company you choose, our fee is included in the unit charges and there is nothing you pay us separately.

 Our Promise

Our process is Fair, Honest and Hassle free. We will discuss your past energy bills for usage patterns and build a bespoke price quotation for your business that suits your energy needs. With our free quotation service you will have the freedom to decide.

To set an appointment with a highly qualified sales agent, please call 020 7473 0200. If you want to start saving right away, please email us on “info@alliancemarketinguk.com” We will get your proposals ready and call you to discuss further.

Client references are available upon request.

Warning – Scammers

We do not ask our customers to pay anything directly to us, we do not send invoices, we do not ask for payments over the phone. We are operating only from one premises that is in London. We do not operate from anywhere else including the Ireland. We have heard some reports about scammers calling to customers and giving them our name and telephone number. If in any doubt, you can contact us on our telephone number  020 8473 0200, or email us at  info@alliancemarketinguk.com.