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Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure

Customer supplied & internal complaints handling


The complaints handling procedure:


At Alliance Marketing Ltd, we are committed to improving the service we provide to our customers. If there’s an issue with your account that we have not resolved to your satisfaction, and you would like to make a complaint, please let us know by using steps below. We always aim to resolve complaints promptly and professionally.


Step 1: Contact us


  • Please contact us on our Customer Services line on 0345 021 2323 to discuss your complaint with a Customer Services Adviser.


Step 2: Still not happy…?


  • If our Customer Services Adviser is not able to resolve your complaint or you’re not entirely happy with the way your complaint has been handled, you can take the complaint further by raising it to a Manager.


Step 3: Not completely satisfied…?


  • If you’re still dissatisfied, you can request a full review of your complaint at any stage of the process by calling our Customer Services line on 0345 021 2323


Complaints Outcome:


  • We will respond to your complaint within 7 working days.
  • Following the full review of your complaint we may take the following actions:

o   Apologise and explain to you our findings and why this has occurred

o   Take appropriate action to put things right


Note: A summary of internal customer complaint handling processes is also available below.


Still feel your issue is unresolved?




If we cannot resolve your problem you can contact your energy supplier directly to raise a complaint.


You can find your supplier contact details on your bill or alternatively you can visit their website.


A link to all energy supplier websites is listed on energy ombudsman website energy companies section using the link below.




Ombudsman Services Energy:


If you have complained to your energy supplier about their supply or service and they have not resolved your problem within a certain time or you can’t resolve the matter, you can take your complaint to the energy ombudsman.


If your energy supplier is unable to sort your complaint out to your satisfaction, they must tell you this in writing. This is called a letter of deadlock. Once you have been sent a letter of deadlock, if you want to take the complaint further, you can contact the Ombudsman Services: Energy.


If you have not been sent a letter of deadlock, you must wait at least eight weeks before you can contact the ombudsman.


You must submit your complaint to the ombudsman within nine months of your original complaint to your supplier. Or, if you’ve received a deadlock letter, it must be within six months of the letter date.


If you have not yet made a complaint to your supplier, you must do this before you complain to the ombudsman.


Note: Always complain to your energy supplier first. The ombudsman will only look at your case when you have received a letter of deadlock from your supply company, or it has been eight weeks since your complaint and it still hasn’t been resolved.


For more information you can visit the energy ombudsman website using the link below.




Summary of internal customer complaint handling processes:


  • Customer makes complaint by phone on customer services line to customer services adviser
  • Log customer call and complaint
  • Find contract details related to complaint if a contract has been agreed
  • Try to resolve customer complaint on first contact
  • If unable to resolve complaint on first contact, advise customer on next course of action and give call-back date and time
  • Depending on the nature and level of complaint, the complaint may be handled by the customer services adviser or will be passed to a manager
  • The complaint handler will then proceed to review the contract and complaint:

o   Check the recording for the verbal contract or copy of the paper contract

o   Check any relevant verification notes

o   Request feedback from relevant personnel, including managers – sales, post sales, processing and appointments

o   Request recommended action to be taken by relevant personnel as appropriate

o   Receive feedback from relevant personnel

  • After gathering all the facts, details and feedback further Investigate and analyse the complaint
  • Reach a conclusion
  • Contact customer to inform of the outcome of the complaint and explain the outcome
  • Take appropriate action to resolve complaint
  • If customer is not satisfied with the resolution take further actions as appropriate, which may include referring customer to the energy supplier
  • Close complaint


Note: While the customer complaint is being handled we may contact the customer via phone, email, letter and fax. Our preference is to stay in touch with the customer over the phone, followed by letter, email and fax. The customer can also request the best way to contact them and this becomes the preferred method of communicating with the customer to provide a better service to the customer.


What are Alliance Marketing complaint measures?


We try to resolve all complaints as soon as possible. We have set ourselves the target to resolve all complaints within 48 hours of receiving them, as part of our drive to improve the quality of service we offer our customers.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our sales and the service we provide to our customers. We have set ourselves a target of 0.5% and year after year we have achieved this target, which is a testament to our excellent quality of sales, customer service and complaint handling.


How do you record complaints?


In addition to the above mentioned “Summary of internal customer complaint handling processes:” all complaints are logged and managed using our CRM.


  • Each complaint is logged against the customer record in the CRM in the form of a Customer Complaint Query
  • Depending on the nature of the complaint, the query is forwarded to one or more concerned member of staff, e.g., account manager, sales agent, director etc.
  • The complaint is maintained as an open forum with relevant staff members leaving their comments and feedback in regards to the complaint, which is reviewed by the primary complaint handler, who might be the customer service representative or an account manager, depending on the nature of the complaint.
  • The query forum is also used to keep track of all actions that are also being taken in respect to the complaint.
  • There is facility to leave notes and attached documents on the complaint query forum as well to assist in complaint handling.
  • The complaint query forum linked to the customer record, ensures all information and actions are properly recorded when handling a complaint.
  • Additionally complaint query CRM statuses are continuously updated to reflect the stage at which the complaint is. The status varies from New Query, Closed, Resolved, Escalated Supplier, Escalated Ombudsman etc.
  • In effect the Complaint Query Forum is a centralised system for recording and managing complaints raised by customers. This system helps us to provide better customer service for our customers.